About Louise


I am a holistic business coach and visibility strategist.  I freaking love the work I do.  I love seeing my clients transforming their businesses and their lives, really stepping into their power as they share their work and message in the world.  I see myself as the ripple through my clients, to make a difference in the world through more healing and transformation – so I get to do that through you!

Many folks have called me a healer, and yes I dabble in energy healing tools (Access Consciousness and The Journey and use those with clients too), however I see myself as the healer for your business, your marketing and your mindset challenges that stop you from stepping into your true greatness in your business, and shining that spotlight on what you’re doing and capable of.   90% of the time, mindset and blinkered thinking stops folks like you from having success in your business.

It’ my mission is to assist heart-centered service professionals in the health and well-being field  (including coaches of all kinds -health, wellness, nutrition, executive, leadership, career, expat, relationship etc, AND practitioners of all kinds – functional medicine doctors, holistic doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, energy healers etc … as well as budding authors in these fields who are ready to build a marketing platform for their new book)  – to create a marketing foundation in their business, that helps them align and feel in integrity with their marketing practices, as well as being inspired around their chosen strategies, so they feel a willingness to take action.  So many of us struggle with the implementation part.  Your marketing foundation, includes clarifying your niche / ideal audience or a strong brand identity, and then creating choices in regard to the right marketing and visibility strategies that feel like a fit for you.

Alignment Marketing = feels Good + Values + Inspired Marketing Practices

I want you to feel excited about your business whether you’re in Year 1 or Year 8.  I want to help you create a sustainable business that generates a satisfying income (none of this 6 /7 figure BS you see so much of), and helps you create a lifestyle you desire – whether it’s working half days and having fun with your kids, or working 3 days a week and riding your horse on the other two, or doing it completely online so you can travel freely like I do.  Let’s steer clear of creating a model of swapping time for money (which is limiting) but creating something where you can leverage your skills and talents in different ways, and still have time for you!   So your chosen business model sets the stage for what you’re intentionally creating.  Exciting isn’t it!?

Life and running a business doesn’t have be a struggle especially when you have support to help you create a business founded on work that feeds your soul, AND creates a wonderful income too!   It’s not always easy, and that’s where I come in to help create more ease in doing what is required to create that success you’re dreaming of.  Success is not only financial, but is about creating a life you love and feel inspired by!

Abundance is absolutely possible, in fact its there and available to you all the time! Sometimes we have hidden beliefs and ingrained perceptions that stop us from embracing the possibilities available to us, and by removing these we can open ourselves up to receiving and become open to the opportunities that are presented to us every day! I call it scrubbing your brain. And by doing that and being given tools, and coaching, it creates a strong foundation to build from – and then success is imminent.

Imagine having both success AND fulfilment?…..  How does it get any better than that!?

Many of us have come from some kind of background or working environment, even corporate backgrounds (me being one of them) feeling miserable, needing and craving something more, wanting to find meaning and fulfillment in what we do NOW. With clarity and support  you’ll create exactly what you’re looking for, with the end result being able to help and heal more people, having greater impact on the world at large, and creating a lifestyle and business you are excited about!

Part of what we do together is get really clear on what you want to be creating, and who for.  It’s curious how that can seem simple, but a lot people out there don’t have that clarity.  It manifests with doing things in a scattergun approach, or feeling paralysed because there is so much overwhelm in choosing from all the marketing and visibility options available to us, and not focusing them properly.  I want for you to have clear direction, focus, simplicity in your plans and goals, and to be able to move forward with confidence.

Here are a few of the specific resources I offer my clients during the coaching process!

* Get clients
* Clarifying your messaging with your ideal audience
* Putting social media practices in place – ie: Facebook page and groups, events and ads etc.
* Understanding the online marketing /social networking world.
* Insights into the value of having a blog and how to get started.
* How to network effectively in face to face meetings.
* Creating a strong close when enrolling clients without feeling salesy.
* Sharing info on running an online radio show, and how to get interviews with other show hosts.
* Focusing on speaking engagements.
* Support on product creation and repurposing materials.
* Creating a clear marketing plan.
* Creating a clear business plan.
* Processes to deal with the little voice that keeps getting in the way. (you know that one, yes that one! 😉
* Processes to create belief changes.
* If you’re starting out, what to do in the beginning stages of your business!
* If you’re a few years in, finding out what’s not working and shift things.

You can find out more about what I do with clients, by clicking on the Services tab, and going to Coaching with Louise – but I’ll make it easy for you so you don’t need to root around by clicking HERE and it will take you straight there.  You’ll be able to peruse the KeystoClarity! System for Success blueprint, and get all the juicy deets there.

I work from home in my home office, and do the majority of my work with clients online – some of them are in New Jersey, and some of them live in England, Dubai, Italy, South Africa and North America. I’ve created a global business I can take anywhere with me.

I’m British, and grew up in South Africa – which is why I love to have the freedom to travel to those places to visit family and friends, and do work there too.  It also allows me to take time when I want, and manage living with migraine challenges when they come up.  I’ve been on a spiritual and self-growth journey for 18 years now, and I’m still learning so much about myself and how I can truly live an exciting,  empowered and authentic life.   I live in New Jersey, in a little old clam fishing village which has been gentrified, called Atlantic Highlands, in the USA.  My hubby Clive and I, just LOVE it!  I’m cat mad, and am cat- mom to 3 gorgeous kitties. So any fun cat videos you find – send them my way!  I love yoga, sailing, riding (getting back into that now), exploring new places, being with wildlife, hanging with my kitties, any self-growth /spiritual experience, reading, and paleo recipes and nutrition – what can I say, I’m excited about many things!

I have worked with and supported owners of multiple small business setups/start ups  in a variety of ways but mainly through coaching and consulting. My previous life had me working in recruitment in London, UK dealing with many individuals in transition, as well as the solid background of building a business from scratch with clear steps around marketing and sales, and making me a top earner in that industry. Yay, me!  But the industry felt very masculine and I was sacrificing myself to the ‘man’, which is why I moved on.  Having gone through a career of interviewing, enrollment and business building  – it’s so wonderful to now see that I’ve come full circle and am able to share my skills and strengths as a marketing coach and visibility strategist with you!   (never throw the baby out with the bathwater!)

Having completed my Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Literature many years, ago, I went back to school to train as a coach through Coach U, the founding school for coaching and one of the best out there. I achieved my certificate for CUG.  I adhere to the policies and guidelines of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) to support the validity of powerful coaching, in a world which doesn’t have much governance right now.

If you’re ready to embrace your calling, and start sharing it with world, or have already gotten started and need guidance and support to get on track so it all works – I’m your gal!    Go to the contact page to connect with me, and so we can have a chat, see how I might be able to help you and take it from there.

Coach Louise