My recent obsession with Scientology, and how it upset me…

by Louise Crooks

No, I’m not a Scientologist – let me get that straight at the very outset! :-)

I love studying human behavior – I guess it’s why I’ll happily watch Bachelor, Botched, and lately Leah RiminiScientology and the Aftermath.  (What show are you hooked on? Comment below to share with me so we can compare notes!)

It ended up with me having a very long and interesting discussion about it on FB! People’s insights were pretty interesting.

One of the disturbing things that has come out of watching the craziness that is this Scientology cult, is that they incorporate many of the spiritual and coaching principles that actually work – and have twisted it into a manipulative, abusive money-making organization.

How are we meant to win over the people who are already barely open-minded about their healing and transformation when these types of things pop up on their radar to confirm their worst fears!?

Luckily I see the world shifting as people are becoming more and more aware that there are different ways to be, and do things to support themselves, and often with the help of people like you and me.

It did make my blood boil though when I can see people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to master themselves, when they’ve been manipulated, and then coerced through what is essentially blackmail and bullying. People have even died through this organization through suicide and cover-ups.

How can we differentiate ourselves from this, and take a stand for what we believe in with integrity? Many of the people who were hoodwinked by Scientology felt they were doing the same!

As the healing and coaching industry grows there in an area where we expect our peers to have the same integrity we do when it comes to the things we sign up for, please do your due diligence and make sure that what you’re stepping into feels right.

And even though instances like these may dull your light for a moment, keep shining your light brightly because there are so many more of us, than them!

Your shining light IS impacting your community, and the people you serve so keep focusing on them and the wonderful things you’re doing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please comment below.

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