Discover ‘The Journey’ with Skip Lackey on KtC Radio!

by Louise Crooks

another-journey-logoMonday 9th March 7pm EST!

I joyfully welcome Skip Lackey of ‘The Journey’ USA, who will be joining me for an evening of discussion about the amazing program ‘The Journey’ on my radio show.

Skip Lackey, head of The Journey USA

Skip Lackey, head of The Journey USA

Skip will share his powerful story, and the story of Brandon Bays founder of The Journey, who now resides in the UK. He will also share what the program is doing, how its community is growing and the opportunities available to us from so many different perspectives. You will learn about healing, growth and spiritual awareness. Join us for an evening of grace, connection and amazing revelations!

The processes learnt from The Journey has saved many lives! Yes, its really true, come and find out for yourself how we can heal ourselves physically and emotionally on a cellular level, and step into a new way of being.

Join us in the chatroom, and feel free to post or call in to ask any burning questions!   Just click on the big button on the left side of the page and you’ll be able to listen LIVE!

For those across the country and abroad, this show is taking place at 7pm EST (-5hrs GMT). Don’t forget if you don’t get to hear the show LIVE, you can go to the same link to listen to the archived episode or click on the button above!

Coach Louise
PS Yes, I too have experienced The Journey weekend!  And it was probably one of the most pivotal moments I’ve had in my life.

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